Upon Seeing 'Seabiscuit', The Day Of Our Race

That which inspires . . .

August 10, 2003

Tears streamed down my face watching this movie. As my heart thrilled, all I could think of was how Laura would have loved it. Her heart would be rejoicing as well in the accomplishments of the small horse and large rider, each with their handicaps.

She loved the wonder of human accomplishment, that we can create such beauty. Two thousand miles apart, she and I not knowing each other, cried to the beauty of Torvil and Dean, as they did their 'Bolero', achieving a perfect ten. She understood, too, the intelligent and spirit that animals have, as well.

Dare I say it? I enjoyed this movie enough for BOTH of us!

Upon Seeing 'Seabiscuit'

When to the magnificent dream
we thrill,
spirit racing,
it's the long run.
Our hearts rise above
daily cares,
the small and mundane, for
strength and courage
give rise to strength and courage.
It is the cyclical process.
We know no better inspiration,
no better valor
than the raising of spirit to
meet the challenge.
It is the long run,
always the long run.
We keep our eyes on the goal ahead,
the 'finish line' far beyond.
Not just for the moment,
this inspiration,
for it feeds itself,
inspiring the next day's triumph
in a loop.
This is how the 'process of becoming    
is established' -
one deed leads to another,
the impetus gained from the first
leads to the next.
Large rider, small horse?
But look at the Fire in their eyes -
That determines the final outcome.
To the spirit of all conscious beings
goes the glory.
May we pass the flame along,
glory to glory,
in the uplifting triumph.
This is the day of our race,
The gates are opened,
the Bell has sounded.

JAL, 8 - 10 - 03

* 'Process Of Becoming':
''I Have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming Into Being,
the Process of Coming Into Being is Established.''

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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