Imagining the Future

One thought led to another . . .

July 15, 2006

"An Inconvenient Truth", it is synchronistic that I saw it this weekend when I am contemplating what a future me will be like. It is impossible really, to imagine that self without also imagining the world to which she will belong. I hope something, many somethings are done about the rising carbon dioxide levels. Al Gore shows so clearly what is our imminent future if the levels continue to rise. Those who think we should be more concerned with the economy than with the ecology, let me tell you, if the polar ice caps melt, there will be such devastation that will destroy everyone's economy. Just think of the costly damages of hurricane Katrina, (a recent result of the global warming), and how they effected the whole country, not just all the people's lives who were so abruptly hurled into disorder. Ever wonder why there are so many more wildfires than there ever used to be? It's because of global warning. The entire planet gets thrown into imbalance.

The movie's website gives the scientific facts as well as things ordinary citizens can do to change the global warming. If you don't go see the movie, at least go see the website.

So what will the world be like in twenty five years? I like to remain confident that we will wake up in time to change things for the better. Gore shows how we have rallied to change many injustices in the past, so it is not rosy optimism to have this hope, as long as action is being taken. Julia and I, although we tested well below average on carbon dioxide emissions, could do more to recycle, reuse, etc.

What will I be like in twenty five years?

Imagining Me at Age Seventy Two...

Seventy two! Only twenty five years away!
Tick, tick, tick,
the minutes crawl there faster than you think.

What will I have accomplished then?

Shall I have written books?
Will poem upon poem stack like tiny bricks to the heavens?
Will my art flower in every style and form?

I am looking forward to see.
But not TOO forward.
I don't want to rush this time.

I'll hold each moment and try not to waste it.
There seems in me two people,
one that watches everything unfolding,
and the one doing the unfolding.
Do they change places at times?

Twenty five years ago,
where was I?
I was twenty two, and just mastering a job.
I was proud to learn the alteration methods,
getting into a daily flow.

Did I know I was as young as I was?
Could I imagine myself then at forty seven?
I can't recall that I ever did.
Will I at seventy two know myself to be old,
or will the crisp bounce of youth still
manifest from time to time, besting the aches of age?

I like to see myself that way.
I like to see myself finding more and more ways to
find 'flow'.
The Will pointed to Xeper will be sure to find it.
That much I can be sure of.

But the details!
This is the hazy thing.
The only way to work on the future
seems to be by working on the present --

This present, in which I breathe and
occupy space, in which my tummy
digests its good meal,
and I am sheltered from the heat.

(In case you didn't know, briefly, Xeper means 'willed conscious evolution'.)

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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