Only You Can Know

July 7, 2003

A poem inspired by what my late Laura would tell me now if she could is also a message I wish to leave to those who come after me, whether that is only moments after, and we are fellow travellers simultaneously making our marks, or many years hence, in a future I can only imagine.

There's something I want you to know -

on Golden sheets,
not of talc, shifting sands,
easily blown away,
but of some sizeable etching,
what is to be made known:

You and you alone,
can know Truth.
Others might point the way,
but it is YOU
who alone must go and
At the Gate of Wisdom,
you will find two Eyes,
one leads inward,
one leads outward.
Both are needed
for complete perspective.
Don't believe those
who seek followers.
Fellow travellers,
They may have a clue.

The Golden sheets
are waiting for your Hand,
and what you alone can write.
Share those visions.
Eye and Eye
guide you.
The World is waiting.
(Have your Hand at the Ready.)
Pride awaits the completion of your tasks.
Say what needs to be said.
I speak from beyond-in-memory.
All along, I have held your pure light,
held it, beheld it and proclaimed it.
Speak now, Star-child.
Give us the answers you find.
All the dark places are waiting.

JAL, 7 - 7 - 03

This is the poem of what Laura would tell me now if she could. I am uncertain of any life after death. There may be, but for security's sake, I cling to those forms of immortality which we can ensure while we yet breathe.

Namely, there is no surer form of immortality than the string of events which span out from our actions while living. What have I helped bring into reality? While I hope my words will live on to be found in the 'hive mind' of the web to be found by its wanderers, even of this I cannot now be certain. It will be up to those who come after me that determine the worth of these words and whether they are worth preserving.

All I can know now is any action I do creates from it a spiral of influence that I can't fully imagine. To that end, I work towards the evolution of all sentient beings in the hope that I may ease, liberate, educate, beautify, inspire, and uplift any who happen to be within that spiral of influence.

Ambitious schemes, yes they are, but I am the one who will claim boldness of asserting that from my own divine nature, this can happen. Yes, this is a faith of sorts, but one that sustains me.

Call this 'the outward looking eye' which loves the great potential of humanity. This love flows from me, not by command, but by natural fount, and it thrills me to see what humans can do, inspite of agony, ugliness, infirmity, war, and limitations of every other kind. This pure light of potential gives its evidence by what we humans HAVE already done.

The 'inward looking eye' embraces my own self and my own potential, yet to be realized. Yes, I see as evidence that which I have already wrought. To that end, the evolution will continue, both the inner and the outer.

If my words inspire YOU to believe in yourself, face your fears, and embrace your own unique beauty, then they will be doing their job.

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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