Magical Memory Gate

Memories open a portal . . .

July 4, 2003

An inner voice whispered to me, ''Bring idea into action,'' and I thought ''Tonight would be a good night for spontaneity!''

So, after picking Julia up from work, I turned the car North instead of South, and we went to Old Town.

I had an idea we would explore a new restaurant. The Main Street Cinema's shiny windows beaconed, and Julia suggested, ''Let's go see what movies are showing!''

Terminator III, Rise of the Machines was showing, so we got tickets for that. As we were early, there was time for a delicious ''Tom Hanks'': (Espresso, mocha, chocolate chips, blended with milk, ice and topped with whipped cream). I also enjoyed some gourmet candy.

The movie was all the movie-reviewer had promised: much plot holes, but such great fun, who cares. It was a movie LAURA would have enjoyed, and thus we felt her presence very much last night.

A message on the plaque of John Connor's mother's coffin seemed, too, a message from Laura:


The movie done, we ambled down the street to a small Italian restaurant. Memories of Laura whispered themselves alert and alive with the scenario.

Many years ago, Laura had made us a candle holder using a Chianti bottle much laden with wax drippings and prepared many romantic meals served on a table covered with a red and white checkered tablecloth. This restaurant's use of a similar candle holder awakened those memories.

The meal of mostaccioli noodles with putanesca sauce was delicious. Yet another ''Laura-ism'' presented itself at meal's end. A tiny goblet filled with Amaretto was presented as dessert treat. Julia and I shared it, and we remembered how Laura enjoyed this potent beverage. She liked to drink it before doing a TAROT reading.

The night was magical. As we slowly walked back to our car, we saw fireworks from the nearby casino. The flower-like explosions are indeed among the ''night-blooming flowers''.

And, all throught out the night, the spirit of Laura was with us. It seems prelude to the message she would have sent, if she could, but which I can nevertheless retrieve through the magical memory gate.

There's something Laura would want me to know -
on Golden sheets,
not of talc, shifting sands,
easily blown away,
but of some sizeable etching,
what is to be made known:

You and you alone,
can know Truth.
Others might point the way,
but it is YOU
who alone must go and
At the Gate of Wisdom,
you will find two Eyes,
one leads inward,
one leads outward.
Both are needed
for complete perspective.
Don't believe those
who seek followers.
Fellow travellers,
They may have a clue.

The Golden sheets
are waiting for your Hand,
and what you alone can write.
Share those visions.
Eye and Eye
guide you.
The World is waiting.
(Have your Hand at the Ready.)
Pride awaits the completion of your tasks.
Say what needs to be said.
I speak from beyond-in-memory.
All along, I have held your pure light,
held it, beheld it and proclaimed it.
Speak now, Star-child.
Give us the answers you find.
All the dark places are waiting.

JAL, 7 - 4 - 03

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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