Hunger for Truth

Which flowers?

April 30, 2003


Hunger for truth,
let it drive you wild.
Lost child in the Garden,
which flower blooms for you?
Scent intoxicating,
these are the night-blooming flowers.
Thus, few see them.
Keep awake.

JAL, 4 - 30 - 03


This poem came to me while I was at work. The image of a dark haired magician appeared to me in a garden, holding his arms wide, with a flower in one hand, telling me the above words. (I don't know how I knew he was a magician, I just knew...) I did not know until later this 'magician' is really an aspect of myself. I am the figure in the moonlight, a lost garden-wanderer holding a bloom I am at first is not sure is mine. Only after a test of deep inhalation can I be sure. Then I want the mysteries, all of them, and all their layers. Experience alone yields proof.

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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