"Ideas Are Tools"

"But when you understand how ideas are tools, you will be ready for the toolkit."

Don Webb, Within You and Beyond You

Come the night, 1:14am of April 15, 2004, and I am moved to think upon those words:

April 15, 2004

"Ideas Are Tools"

Sere the night,
and mysterious,
though bird 'too early'
thinks not.
What makes him rise earlier
than the rest?
Has he found the worm?
Has he found the grail,
and what is Truth to a bird?
Does it come on little bird-like feet?

But I am she who hears the bird,
and with fingers to type.
Claws are pointed and hooked,
good for catching prey,
but I have other means.
So I set out this sieve,
mind trap of the daring,
catch what's within and have a look.

Ideas are tools,
and lightweight at that.
I can carry them anywhere,
into whatever small space.
Small space, large mind.
If I want to change something,
I must begin with me.

Techno mages may think otherwise,
simple sage of past can try to tell them
all that is within the circle is ourselves.
The outside world is pulled within
via that link,
claw, hook, whatever mental tool is handy.
Hang it on the wall of your mind for easy reference!    

Bird cheeping
and is that a man whistling?
Distractions come and
distractions go.
I am the bird that sings tonight.

"Twir-WEET! Twir-WEET! Twir-WEET!"
I shall speak their language.
What does that bird summon?
He gets me listening!

Think small, get small.
Think large, get large.
And who knows on what large screen
is writ the dreams of your mind?

Aim wide, get wide.
Aim true, get true.
All in that fine eye-will alignment.
All in that fine 'I will' alignment.
I can't say it any simpler.
May vision be to the dreamer
life-food and grail.
I have been privileged to hear this,
and now I record it,
First hour after midnight,
and the bird sings still.

JAL, 4 - 15 - 2004

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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