Like Fabled Heroes

They may be fictional, but as with Julia's Paramythic Legacy, these heroes, born of the visions of mortals, have the ability to inspire us to seek after lasting and true magic. To the hero in all of us!

April 14, 2002

One of Laura's wishes for her birthday was to see THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Fellowship Of The Ring again. Indeed, at the exuberant celebration of Bilbo Baggins 111th birthday, I felt as though they were also celebrating Laura's 63rd birthday, with all the fireworks and dancing in her honor as well.

So much richer was this second experience of the film, for I understood each nuance better. I cried more. Fairly embued with the Elven queen's visions myself, it seemed I could hear her voice calling to me.

Maybe I could.

Like Fabled Heroes

To what now shall the visions be?      
Am I ready for the task?
I have heard the breath,
cool like the wind,
but gentle.
Your visions have inspired me,
all you seekers after magic.
Still in a work of fable -
yet to the hero's heart
truth and honor
burn with a passion.
Am I ready for the task?
Shall I be heroic,
like fabled heroes,
for whatever awaits me?
This, the call of the writer
heard in this ear
that is mine.
Yet another telling,
each with its truth.
Still, to the light I lean.
Quiet, may the days follow,
or if with loud rumbling -
take the hero's heart
to the trembling.
It will inspire.
I have in my hand
this gem.
I hold it to the light,
the light shines through it -
casting rainbow patterns
as it passes
to fall on mortal surfaces.
May my eye be clear,
may my ear be keen,
may my hands be ready.
I await my task.

JAL, 4 - 14 - 02

Am I ready for the task?

With a little help from a friend...


Ghasty Gollum...

Proud Noble...

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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