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April 9, 2006

I've been having unsettling thoughts. So what shall I do? I think I shall disturb your thoughts, too. I've been hearing the thoughts of vegetarians with great respect for their acts of conscience. But I haven't been especially moved to do likewise. Somehow, as a carnivore, I've identified with the wolf, hungrily devouring his prey after a fierce hunt. Yes, 'life does feed on life', but as it turns out, things are not so simple as that.

Maybe in your world, things are. But here in the United States, with a thing called 'factory farming', things are not so simple as that. All the words of vegetarians have not moved me to quit the meat. But when I went to the county fair yesterday, I had a good awakening. Words of passionate reasoning have not moved me. But when I saw the pigs yesterday, this has made me think. Several were peaceful in their slumber. One enjoying his slumber had a genuine, bonified GRIN on his face, he was having happy dreams, and the one responding to Julia's hands, oh, that got me thinking, there is some intelligence and personality going on in those beasties.

I did not get a picture of the one that was up close to me, grinning big, for my disk was all full, but I did get a picture of one farther back in his stall. Even so, I can see a bit of a smile:

I looked at him, and thought, "I don't want to eat you!" But today, following a link from a link from a link, I find the situation is much worse. I think, and maybe you, too, of the happy pig, enjoying his life up until the fate day of slaughter. Oh, but that is not even the case! This has been outlawed in Europe, but here in the states, most of the pigs have an awful life:

This is the life of the sows who are pregnant 20 times a year!
(picture credit Farm Sanctuary)

Those poor sows do not smile in their slumber. Their lives are constant torture. They FEEL that torture. These are sentient beings who are aware of it 24/7. These are not beings who have a happy life until the moment of slaughter.

I don't think I will be buying any more pork.

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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