It Is Enough

Pulled forth from the Not-Knowing, Hope is revealed . . .

March 1, 2004

It Is Enough

And so what if it is,
so what if it is,
a leaping flight into nothingness,
when last that day spirit and body part?

So what if every dream of what will happen
after that is but naught?
Every idle fancy,
every useless fantasy,
nothing more,
never more?

What if,
the hard cold steel of nothingness?
Say I then to hope,
I will still have you!
It is my wish,
big or small,
and I shall have it.

Yes, there is no proof,
there can never be proof
of what lies beyond the grave.
All 'faith' in those parts beyond.
Still I will dream my silly dreams of immortality,    
I will not leave it merely to be of fantasy
that something of my essence remain.

Cynics can say what they want,
and they have every self-given right.
I am the dreamer.
I will have this.
Others may dream of 'heaven-this',
and 'summerland-that', or whatever.
I dream of my words being echoed,
I dream of things intangible,
yet I hold them in some kind of hand.

I say not,
this now, and nothing else.
I say,
this now, and maybe more.

This is my dream.
It fills my pockets.
It gives me a kind of wealth.
And that is enough.
It does not matter
if you cannot count the change.
The coin is not too small,
or not at all.
This I shall spend,
in idle moments of the day.

Maybe, perhaps,
there IS change,
and a fulfilling.
Pocket full,
enough for now.
I am the dreamer,
and I do not take back my words.
Too freely given?
Ah, such learning ahead for me.
But say day to day,
and I will grow and change.
Call it a kind of faith.
It's the faith that gets me
through the day.
I hold it,
and it is enough for me.

JAL, 3 - 1 - 04

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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