Heaven on Earth...

...in my Mind:

February 11, 2006

I had an interesting exploration with this weeks 52 Figments question:

2.5.06 :: [Part One] What does heaven mean to you?

I first tried words. Then I tried an automatic drawing, while I kept my frame of mind geared to 'heaven'. Then I tried to explain rationally the image I obtained intuitively.

THEN to meet the gallery display requirements, I had to condense all that to fit a 499x361 pixel space! It was a challenge to get the gist of all the verbal explorations to 'small poem size', but I'm happy with the results.

My tree of consciousness:
feet on the ground, but
aware of Mystery which surrounds.
I am from Her birthed,
yet know my solitary worth.
Within me is an ebon flame,
a fire which empowers Being.
With my Will, I can make
of my world a heaven -
here on earth.
It begins in my mind,
each choice that bears fruit,
from mind to hand to deed.
This life of dynamic balance,
this is joy to me.

JAL, 2-8-06

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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