What Do I Love?

A short guide to Joan.

February 5, 1999

(This was inspired by the "On Display" February 1999 collab question:)

What are the things in your life that you love the most?

I love the feeling of my nice warm full belly. Purr, purr. I love cuddling next to Laura and Julia. My flesh against the warm soft flesh of those I love (actually there's a concept greater than 'love' for which we've coined a word).

I love good music...singing along to it. I love the marvel of the human voice singing in perfect harmony with others...yea, Chanticleer, yea Kings Singers, yea Robert Oberlin. Give me that Karen Matheson crooning away sensuously. Barbra Streisland ain't bad either. Love that beat, it gets me moving.

I love it when I've tackled a hard job I was 'scared' of and it turns out really good. I really love that. I love it when I write a good poem or draw a good picture. I love grabbing sights with that camera. I love sharing all that with anyone who wants to look. I love being alive. I love beautiful sunsets and sunrises, fragrant flowers, 'purple mountain majesties', clear streams, rock art, talking, nice warm full bellies (that again!)

I love that we humans keep plugging along and don't give up. Maybe we can't solve all the problems in the world, but we can do pretty good with our own little corner of the world. I love lounging around and sleeping in. I love soaking in a warm tub. I like that belly full! I like the way it feels when my thirst is quenched.

I love the amazing things we humans do. We're such amazing creatures, and we don't give ourselves enough credit for it. Laura and I were talking about that last night. If we were to transport an ancient Greek to the present, just any one of us would astound us with our powers greater than his pantheon of gods. Heck, he'd just be spellbound by the little switches on the stove that turn on the fire to cook our food. Invisable 'fire' such as a microwave, the cold box of the refrigerator, these boxes here called computers....Why that ancient Greek would bow down right now and worship us....we are the 'gods', yes, each and every one of us.

I love it when people face their fears and grab courage from some hidden place in themselves to do the thing that scares them so. I love it when the ice skaters leap high and twirl about with grace and ease. I love a good laugh. Some of the British humor via BBS America or Comedy Central is delightful. "Margaret and Bob" when the new dentist comes to town is a hilarious episode. "Blackadder and the Scarlet Pimpernel", that ne'er do well on "Some Mothers do 'ave 'em", the utterly unaware pompous ruler of the "Britas Empire". Laughter is good. Heroes are good. I love the movies with heroes. The teacher in "Dead Poet's Society", the "Postman", "Patch Adams", there's so many. I love the minds that come up with these things.

I love humanity. We're not all bad. I love that I'm alive to experience all these things. I love that I can dream and wonder and ponder. I love how the mind can possess something that no one can take away. I love dripping my thoughts all over cyberspace here, there and everywhere. I love reading the thoughts of others who do the same. It's good to be alive. It's good to sing and dance and have ecstacy. It's good to appreciate ourselves. It's good to be alive. I love writing with a large hand, broad, not cautiously on the screen of life. Ah-h-h-h-h! Si-i-i-i-igh, Hi-i-i-i-gh Si-i-i-i-igh! Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!

What do YOU love?

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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