No Better Deal Elsewhere

Pulled forth from the Unknown, the tapestry is revealed . . .

January 23, 2004

No Better Deal Elsewhere

From the Blackness,
the realization,
the splintering into color
from the great Unknown.

All art, that way.
best Art this way,
no preconceived idea,
start 'Black', start 'unknown',
let shape and image dictate color
and spirit infuse all in the ordering.
(Forget not the Power)
Better inspiration to be had
in the elegant letting go of self
in order to find Self.
We hold onto illusions and call them our Self.
The real Self sits in a box,
untouched, unused.
You can find it this way.
Open up, shut off the distractions.
Open up, turn that switch,
that 'witch' switch,
that changing of the channel
that opens the door.
You can find it here,
Don't look elsewhere!
Seek what the greats sought,
don't copy their methods.
All they can give is hints anyway.
But maybe they can inspire.
Start now to let go of the preconceived concepts.
There's so many,
and a host of people that have written them down,
codified them into such and such 'law'.
No 'liber' there,
Just suggestions.
The real work is done in the battlefield of your mind.   
There Horus struggles with Set,
as power and vision unite.
Get some sense of it?
Order doesn't come cheap.
Nor does Power.
Some things will be lost in the process,
but some things will be gained.
You are not the magnificent loser,
no matter how hungry you might be.
So let the colors fly,
from the palette in the sky,
MIND-SKY, that is.
You take the pen and dip it into the ink
and see what is revealed.
Here, this pen has been offered to you.
You'll not get a better deal elsewhere.
Set-Horus are awaiting the outcome.

JAL, 1 - 23 - 2004

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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