Proof To The Doubing Mind

Another ''concrete, objective thing outside of myself'' . . .

January 14, 2003

As Julia was examining the cancelled check from which I'd obtained Laura's signature, she wondered what it was for. It was to a PAM. Turning it over, she learned the ''Phoenix Art Museum'' had placed their stamp on the back. ''That was from the day we went to the Egyptian show!'' I asked her what date was on the check, and turned to old journal entries to relive it.

I remembered I have a short entry about our visit, and a picture, as well. However, December 27, 1998, the day when the check was written, had not been the day of our visit. Tickets were sold out, so Laura had bought tickets for the show the FOLLOWING Sunday. Nevertheless, Laura found something to amuse us, and I described it in great detail. We were like kids again at the Arizona Science Center, and I'd forgotten the fascinating details. But my words brought that day back to me, a day which had completely faded in my mind.

One thing I'm especially glad to now remember:

A timed maze tested our abilities. Laura demonstrated her ability to trace from 'in' to 'out' in nine seconds. Julia was a little faster at a display about computers, demonstrating the binary system. How knowledgeable both of them are to know which combination of on and off switches make the letters of the alphabet. The exhibit had already coded secret messages for us children to play with, but Laura and Julia didn't need them. Working together, they made a red light display print out the words "JOAN, I LOVE YOU", which made me smile happily.

At entries end, I speak of:

One simple display involved a large device that was let down into a vat of soapy water and pulled up, with a thin screen of iridescent soap bubbles. So much of life is ephemeral soap bubbles, little fleeting moments of beauty. I want to capture each one and preserve it forever.

THIS DAY had become an ephemeral soap bubble which had since evaporated in my memory, but because of my CAPTURE, it remains for me to enjoy again. I cried, again!, but for joy that I'd done so. AGAIN, here was a ''concrete, objective thing outside of myself'' as proof to a mind of fading memories, becoming skeptical despite the heart's efforts otherwise.

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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