"Big Roar and Little Roar"
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

I bought the tiny brass dragon at one of the Two Rivers Renaissance Faires. The big iron dragon can be seen in this photo behind my reclining Set statue.

I originally had this photo idea when the Photo Friday theme was "tiny". But working late every night then, it was always too dark to get a good photo. I had the idea then, that it might work for "depth of field". The table top is quite blurred, as I'd put the 'macro' focus on to get a good close up of the tiny dragon, which is maybe less than 3 cm tall.

So I got my photo ready to send to the web, when I was dismayed to find I couldn't upload it! Oh, the roaring! When I went to check website accessibility, all I got was an ugly screen telling me the domain had "expired"! I roared even more! It turned out it was a blurp in the "auto-renew" process. I had to do a "dsnflush" to be able to see my pages and access my files again.

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