Three 'Threes'

Three glass jugs probably from Syria-Palestine CE 200-400, now at Los Angeles County Museum
©JAL, 2009

Three examples of 'Desert Impact Glass' originally found in the Egyptian deserts, now at the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.
©JAL, 2007

This 'Desert Impact Glass' was found and formed by the ancient Egyptians into a necklace for King Tut. At first scholars were puzzled by the nature of the "yellow-green glass -- carved into the shape of a scarab beetle", until they realized in 1999 that it had been created by the heat and impact of a meteorite upon the Egyptian desert sands.
(Note of January 2009)
I found a BBC article about Desert Impact Glass.

Three Faience Djed-Pillars from Egypt, ca. 664-305 B.C.E., now at the Brooklyn Museum
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©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2008

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