"SLICK" Art:
Upside Down, Inside Out, 2003, (Phoenix Art Museum #2007-44)
Anish Kapoor, British, born in India, 1954

Visiting Merriam-Webster and following the link to the simplified 'kids' definition, we get for the adjective SLICK:
Main Entry: 2slick
Function: adjective
1 a : having a smooth surface : SLIPPERY <a slick road> b : having or showing skill and style but no depth <slick writing> 2 a : CLEVER 3; especially : TRICKY 1 b : quick and neat in action : SKILLFUL

Kapoor's sculpture has a VERY SMOOTH surface. It certainly took skill and style to create it, but the piece doesn't make one reflect on the meaning of life. Yet it's CLEVER, and we love our reflections and their upside down repetition.

(Seen on our visit to the Phoenix Art Museum, September 2010.)

Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

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