POLISHED Silver Service

It is SILVER, so you know on the day the museum is closed, somebody has the job of POLISHING it. Its beauty makes the task bearable, however.

Circa 70 tea and coffee service, 1963, (designed 1958, introduced 1960)
Donald Colflesh, American, born 1932 in Cleveland and a graduate of Pratt Institute
Sterling, laminate and ebony
Made by Gorham Manufacturing Company (founded 1831)
Through prior bequest of Arthur Rubloff, Art Institute 2009.1036

The info card says 'recent acquisition', hence I couldn't find it at the museum website, but modersilver.com refers to it and gives a photo. They have a different tray with handles, however.

Although the info card was cropped too severely while photographing it, I can still make out most of what it says:
"In 1956 Gorham Manufacturing Company, the country's leading maker and retailer of fashionable silver, recruite Donald Colflesh to bring a 'contemporary dimension' to its traditional products. Colflesh's most popular and successful design for the firm was the Circa '70 series in which he brilliantly captured America's ambition to go to the moon. In this coffee servive, the intersecting angles epitomize the era of space craft design, and the curving, upright thrust of the handles and spouts conveys the aerodynamics of the jet age..."

"Elaborate", 4-1-11

"Reflect", 9-17-10

"Shiny", 5-22-09
These reflective and shiny SILVER pieces also require POLISHING from time to time!

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