They don't look comfy, do they? The wearer wouldn't have known, as these were worn after she died.
"These Gold sandals belonged to the funerary accoutrements of an Egyptian queen of Thutmose III in the middle of Dynasty 18. Similar gold sandals were found on the mummy of Tutankhamun, one of Thutmose's descendents who ruled at the end of the same dynasty." (Info from museum website)

Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2009-2014

Info: Gold Sandals
New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III, ca. 14791425 B.C.E.
From Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Wadi Gabbanat el-Qurud, Wadi D, Tomb of the 3 Foreign Wives of Thutmose III
Dimensions: L. 26.4 cm (10 3/8 in); w. 10 cm. (3 15/16); w. at heel 7 cm. (2 3/4 in)
Fletcher Fund 1922, MMA #26.8.148a, b

Other pieces: toe and finger stalls, also from this tomb.

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