Monument à Debussy

Monument à Debussy, bronze, 1930
Aristide Maillol, (French, 1861-1944)
Gift of Edward Joseph Gallagher, Jr. in memory of Edward Joseph Gallagher, Ann Hay Gallagher, and Edward Joseph Gallagher III,
University of Arizona, (UAMA) 1978.005.001

Maillol's signature...
Photos by Joan Ann Lansberry, ©2012-2019
"Monument à Debussy is one of a number of sculptures commissioned as monuments to famous figures. An influential French composer, Claude Debussy (1862-1918) was instrumental in directing the transition from late-Romantic music to the modernist music of the twentieth century. Maillol's sculpture exudes a tranquil stillness with its graceful pose, and a delicacy that belies the heavy, sturdy nature of the medium."