Painted Coffin

Painted Coffin
Romano-Egyptian, 300-400 C.E.
Wood, pigment, and linen
Getty #82.AP.75

(From info card):
""A rare type of Romano-Egyptian funerary portrait survives on the front of this elaborately painted wooden coffin. The deceased reclines in comfort, attended by servants who provide him with food, cool air from a fan, and texts for reading. His name, Ammonios, is written on the scroll held in his hands. The attendants are depicted in smaller scale than Ammonios, indicating their inferior social position. Similar banquet scenes are commonly found in Greek funerary art. The expressive rendering of the young man's face, however, is related to the tradition of painted mummy portraits (many of which can be seen in this room), and the style of painting is typical of Egyptian tomb decoration."