Face from a Coffin

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 or 19, ca. 1539-1190 B.C.E.
Wood (sycamore fig) and glass, H: 20.3 W: 16.1 D: 8.4 cm Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1909.143

(From Museum website):
"This carved face, whose eyes and cosmetic lines are inlaid with glass, was originally attached to a wooden coffin. A square hole cut under the chin was used to attach a ceremonial beard, no longer preserved.

"During the New Kingdom (ca. 15391075 B.C.E.), members of the nobility were buried in mummy-shaped coffins made of wood with attached carved faces. This face most closely resembles examples dated to Dynasties 18 and 19 (ca. 1539 1190 B.C.E.), and was probably also made during that period.