Inscribed Block Statue

Seated male figure, (inscribed block statue)
Nubian Dynasty 25 or Saite Dynasty 26, 664-525 B.C.E.
Faience (glazed composition), H: 15.8 W: 7.5 D: 9.7 cm
Gift of Charles Lang Freer F1909.146

(From Museum website):
"Statues of this general type, known as block statues, appeared in Egypt as early as the Middle Kingdom (ca. 19801630 B.C.E.). Hieroglyphic texts carved on the front, sides, and back of the statues consisted of standard offering formulas, which asked anyone who read the text to make offerings for the benefit of the deceased. Placed in tombs, or more commonly in temples, the statues magically bestowed the offerings necessary in the afterworld. The form of the statue forced the viewer to focus on the face of the deceased and the accompanying texts."

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