The Photography of Joan Lansberry

Julia with Plant

Reflections of Venus

Gateway Park View

Regal Hatshepsut

Sunrise at Gateway Park

Capturing the Beauty

Grand Beauty

Old and New

At The Door



Flower Study

Man at Work


Light Reveals...


Rural Serenity

Purple, Gold and Blue

Archway View

Here or There?


Windows thru Windows

Tiger and Me

Mixed Boundaries II

Peaceful Fountain


Drummer Drumming

Enjoying Art II

Enjoying Art I

One Flower

Stretched Wide

Budding Hope

Bird's Eye View

Desert Oasis


Towards the Light

Funhouse Mirror?

To The Light

On The Path

Artistic Path


Illumination I

Illumination II

3 Graces & the Apple


A Window on Art

Patterns Of Light


Dark Jewelia

Desert Bloom

Leaves Illuminated

Oasis in the City

Dreams of Flight

Natural and Unnatural

In the Key of Chaos?


Fierce And Gentle

Roses in Sunlight

Sun Kissed Shiva

Guarding the Treasures

Shop Scene

Balloon Opening

Found Mandala


Wares for Sale


Serene Remembrance

Hallway to Wonders

Lively Path

Grand Beauty

Magenta Orchid

Villa Garden

October 21, 2012

©Joan Ann Lansberry, all rights reserved

You might be wondering what sort of cameras I've used in these photos. The earliest photo is from 1995, and is a scan from a point and shoot camera. There's another from 1998 from that camera. (I did find the original photograph, and I rescanned that horribly pixalated picture.) In 1998, I got a point and shoot Sony Mavica with its floppy disk storage system, and many of the photos are off of that. In July 2006, I got a Canon Power Shot with 12x optical zoom, and increasingly, photos are from that camera. I usually give the date, so any photo from July 2006 on is from that camera. Why keep the old, pixelated photos when I can do so much better today? There's still something I like about them, despite their smallness and lack of detail.

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