Favorite Photos of 2009

Two Rivers Ren Faire 2009 - January

It was interesting learning how he got his start in Ren Faires.
He started making wooden spoons, and then later did furniture.

In the picture above, he is sharpening a small tool, which he uses later to bore an opening in a long pole. He's making a tent stand for an exhibitor that will be at the Arizona Renaissance faire next month. (Julia and I went to a couple of those, in 1999 and in 2000.)

Robert J. Moody Demonstation Garden - February

Most of the flowers were blooming, and the bees were very active.

Illuminated Roses - April

The sunlight so fleetingly illuminated our roses...

I thought the original photo looked nearly like a painting, so I applied Photoshop's 'paint daubs' effect on it, copied that, and reverted to original. I pasted the altered version over the original, keeping the layer so I could erase 50% or more in some places where the effect made too harsh of a line. When satisfied, I flattened and saved.

Self-Portrait - May

The Photo Friday theme that week was "Self Portrait 2009". I thought, 'Hey, it's been a while since I've done a photo self portrait!' So I went outside to get the better light and aimed the camera eye at myself. To get it centered, I shut one eye and then the other, to correct for right eye dominance. Then I photoshopped it a bit, just to refine it a bit.

Central Park Scene - May

This is the view coming back around to Fifth street, after viewing 'Cleopatra's Needle'...

Scenes at Getty Villa - August

Seeing the garden through the pillars...

Another one of the lovely statues...

Flowers on Walking Path along Austin's Colorado River - November

Neither Julia nor I know what type of flower this is...

Nineteenth Annual Colorado River Balloon Crossing - November

It's time for the Annual Colorado River Crossing Hot Air Balloon Festival. I enjoy watching the balloons rise, and have quite a few photos from the festivals of previous years. But this time was special, for we enjoying the morning's event with friends.

We got there in plenty of time to get good parking, which made for an easier exit. Nothing much happened early, for they were all waiting on the meteorlogical people to give their okay, and to be assigned their turns. Officials watched while perched from a high crane, to better supervise. We were really lucky to be there, for she explained much about the basics of ballooning. A teacher by profession, her ease with presentation and subject were a delight. Just earlier, Nick had wondered out loud, why the wicker baskets, isn't that 'old fashioned'? No, the wicker is superior, because with the lightness, it has flexibility to absorb the shock of a harder landing. But hard landings don't happen unless the winds are strong.

As the skies gradually lightened, it was good time to take pictures of each other. I got an especially good one of Nick, with a balloon in the background.

Mysterious insides of a balloon...

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