Favorite Photos of 2007

February Self Portrait:
self Feb 2007
The mirror behind me captures the mirror in front of me which I used to see the camera viewfinder!
self Feb 2007

April, at the Heard Museum of Native American Art in Phoenix, Arizona:

Julia says she didn't choose that dress on purpose, but how appropriate for this museum!

Christmas in April at the Teeter House, Phoenix Arizona:

I'm not sure why they still had Christmas ornaments up, but it sure is pretty.

Sunset in May, Smucker Park, Yuma Arizona:

The sun was setting just before we left...

June, view of Jefferson Memorial:

This is view of the memorial after we went on our way to the Washington Monument...

June, Natural History Museum, Washington D.C.

Everyone seemed fascinated with this crystal ball, which was made from a quartz crystal. But it is very special, because there are no 'impurities' in it. We can see through it perfectly clearly. Although we discovered everything shows upside down:

June, Hallway in Smithsonian American Art Museum

June, Garden Seating Area by the Arts and Industries building, Washington D.C.

There are many places to sit and rest in garden settings through out the grounds...

The Arts and Industries gallery was closed in June for renovation. It had been the original home of the National Museum, "designed in a High Victorian style by the Washington architectural firm of Cluss and Schulze, it opened in 1881 in time for the inaugural ball of President James A. Garfield," according to the website

November, Digitally Altered Photo of Shiva Statue:

"Shiva's Fiery Creation"

November, Gateway Park trail, Yuma Arizona
This trail extends for a long way, it even connects with another park, Yuma Crossing State Historic Park
(Note of December 22, 2008: It connects with TWO other parks. Following the trail leads to entrance of West Wetlands Park!)

all ©Joan Lansberry, 2007

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