Sketchbook 2015-2016: "Better a Late Start than Never"

Hathor (Hethert)


Set Slaying the Apep

Hathor W/ Menat & Sistrum

I got a nice new sketchbook, which hopefully should inspire me to more frequent drawing. Even though it's not part of a project, with a deadline, I'd like to apply the same discipline to filling its pages. The sketchbook is quite thick, so having begun it in 2013. I continued through 2014. But, alas, I was a bit late getting started in 2015, so I'm lumping 2015 in with 2016. Actually the third thing I put in the sketchbook during 2015 was the following (first thing was a misspelled version of this) :) :

"Senuwierneheh" ("My two, forever")

I'd had this idea I'd have a profile of Hathor and Set above the name, but I never got around to this. Who knows, it might still happen on the corrected version!

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