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"Richard Dawkins"
February 24, 2010
Julia's reading _A Devil's Chaplain: Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love_ by Richard Dawkins. We knew his sparring partner Stephen Jay Gould had died some years back, and wondered if Dawkins was still alive. Wikipedia revealed he is, and included a photo of him with an engaging smile. I had to draw that smile:

The last paragraph of the first essay in that book summarizes Dawkin's thought quite well:

"Safety and happiness would mean being satisfied with easy answers and cheap comforts, living a warm comfortable lie. The daemonic alternative urged by my matured Devil's Chaplain is risky. You stand to lose comforting delusions: you can no longer suck at the pacifier of faith in immortality. To set against that risk, you stand to gain 'growth and happiness'; the joy of knowing that you have grown up, faced up to what existence means; to the fact that it is temporary and all the more precious for it." (page 13)